RD channel: Enduro training for beginners pt.7

Race day jitters usually come right before the race or as the race day comes nearer and nearer. It comes in many forms like panic attack and worst case scenarios like

“Did I train enough?”
“Did I tune up my bike?”
“I think I have the flu”
“Where’s that sound coming from?”
“what if this or that happens”
“Did I forget anything?”

… It’s usually nothing but stress brought about panicking over race day 🙂

So how much does enduro gear cost for a newbie?

(Please note that not all gear were bought all at once)
5,000 full face helmet (borrowed)
1,995 Spyder goggles
2,997 GT jersey
1,100 Roswheel hydration pack
895 Lagalag shorts
420 gloves
395 Vamos socks
1,200 Tarmak elbow pads
1,600 knee pads
Total of 15,602

Everything on the vlog is here: https://www.rdcyclesph.com/product-category/bikes/

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