Our parent company RCCCW corp, is expanding our product line by bringing in the first in the Philippines, NUOJIE “All In One TV” with the following features:

– Android TV

– PC monitor

– touch screen

– touch screen pen for editing and notes

– power cable 

– wall bracket

– wireless keyboard 

– wireless mouse 

– built in computer with Windows 7

– USB (2.0 and 3.0) ports for external hard drive 

– 2 network adapters

– HDMI connections 

– VGA connections

– thickness in approximately 10mm 

Currently, the NUOJiE All In One TV is being used internationally in offices and schools and some retail establishments. Nuojie originally started with touch screen displays for retail outlets and various malls around the world. They have now developed the future of TV by combining all essential features in a very slim package. 

We are still ironing out to be the exclusive distributor for NUOJiE, and a service center is one of our priorities soon as everything pans out. 

For product demonstration, we can schedule this in our Marikina office at your most convenient time. Attached are our quotation, along with price list, pictures and some short videos. 


32 inch SRP 63,000

43  inch SRP 84,000

50 inch SRP 91,000

55 inch SRP 101,000

60 inch SRP 107,000

65 inch SRP 126,000

70 inch SRP 151,000

75 inch SRP 186,000

80 inch SRP 242,000

86 inch SRP 280,000

100 inch SRP 820,000 


RAM 4gb (upgradable to 8gb)

Cash discounts are available upon request for quotation. For inquiries please email [email protected]

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